Thursday, April 19, 2007


So, we signed a bunch of papers today, although there seems to be some disagreement between what Jennifer at Home Street Bank told us and what the rep at Ticor said about the earnest money and the taxes being included in the mortgage. Patricia will sort that out tomorrow. it sounds like.
It seems like Greg, our new Home Street banker, is not entirely to blame. It's kind of the situation that's causing all these difficulties. The "unique" nature of the house (it's not a condo, it's just got two floors with separate tenants), the sudden switch of bankers without a very good handoff of the baton, and various persons difficulties in dealing with said "unique" nature have been the source of the frustrating delays.
Now that it looks like we are going to get the keys tomorrow, I'm going to have to get crackin' on the packin'. And find time for studying for one final exam (I was lucky to get most of my work done early).
Also, Dr. Gina Bullock of the Broadway Foot Clinic fixed my ills with a shot of alcohol and a syringe. Kinda ironic for a future AOD [alcohol and other drugs] counselor. This is good, because Morton's neuroma makes it very difficult to lift things (as in moving). I came up with the description of the feeling of having a stone in my shoe all the time on my own, but apparently I wasn't the only one.

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Shawn and Sara said...

I hope that the moving into your "unique" house tomorrow goes very well! I wish we could be there to help carry a box! -Sara

PS-Some of your readers (me) need some details about this Morton's neuroma foot pebbles in your shoe thing.