Thursday, April 19, 2007

We signed today!

Matt and I went to Ticor Title Company to sign our paperwork today. There were a few surprises which I need to call about, but everything looks ready to fund by next Wednesday, at the latest. Which I translate as "maybe Friday". (Unique situation.) Also of note in our signing process was that I had the best pen! It was a papermate, probably cost 40 cents, but was such a smooth writing tool. I contemplated stealing it, but ended up leaving it there. Although they probably won't appreciate it as much as I did.

Matt looks a little glazed (though cute!) in this picture. I feel very glazed. I haven't been sleeping well, and I will be glad when this is over. (I think I am counting "over" as: possessions moved to new place and old place cleaned out.)

One thing I wondered was, how did we end up with Ticor as our title company? Maureen, my coworker is also buying a house and going through the same lender, but she ended up with a different Title Company. I guess I will have to file that wondering in with questions like, "How much did the people around me on the plane pay for their plane fare?" Perhaps someday there will be a huge title company expose and some sort of deregulation and we will have to shop around for our title company after signing 4 "truth in title company" forms. All to save $50.00. And how did title companies come to be? It's all so mysterious. But not mysterious enough for me to find the answers.

Off to change addresses...

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Shawn and Sara said...

YAY to signing! Boo to surprises! Hopefully tomorrow's move will bring your restful (if not the dropping from complete exhaustion) sleep. -Sara